Location: Clerkenwell, London

Project: The client’s brief was a requirement for an executive solution for a small open-plan office for three people to maximise space, minimise desktop clutter and provide a good solution for cable management. They did not want any dilapidations so wall-fixing was not an option. Omega Workwall fitted the brief perfectly using a single sided F-shaped configuration and customised finishes selected by the client.

Specifics: Single sided Omega Workwall, F-shape configuration including three workstations, a mobile pedestal and storage credenzas to include filing.

Spec: D-form edge-profile on all desk tops, white post-formed laminate desktop finish, acid- etched back-painted glass wall panel and fabric wall panel with shelving and storage veneered in Satin Walnut, integrated LED under-shelf lighting, integrated cable management.

The outcome: “I have been so impressed with my work environment here at Button-fix that I often wonder if I could replicate the same calming atmosphere at home.” Julie Freedman, Marketing Manager, Buttonfix Limited